In Action.

RU-MKS mit Rolladenkastenmontagevorrichtung
Assembly Table Bearing Capacity 400 Kg

Assembly table bearing capacity 400Kg muti purpose table but because of his high bearing capacity mostly use for fixed glass windows.

Equipment and accessory:

  • Contact surface consisting of 3 ledges, the middle one is adjustable  is adjustable the  upper one is fix mounted to the extension
  • Contact surface is adjustable in width and height
  • Pneumatic tilting device
  • Manual tilt able roller conveyor, roll length 100mm conveyor height adjustable from the floor 330 – 380 mm   
  • Working height horizontal adjustable 920 – 970 mm
  • Driving device on tracks with a pneumatic brake
  • Additional platform ledge for    RU-MKS-1,4  or RU-MKS-2
  • Pneumatic tilting device for the roller conveyor
  • 360° rotating device with pneumatic brake
  • 2  swivelling  ledges length  500 mm, mounted to the upper extension
  • Support stands for the different extensions
  • Hoisting device for the horizontal platform 500 mm
  • Working surface is covered  either  with the standard felt, PVC, brushes, rubber or stainless steel
  • Hose reel for the pneumatic hose
  • Clamping cylinder plug able on the working platform
  • L shaped profile on the bottom instead of a roller conveyor
  • Device to clamp frames in a 90° angle (for glazing works)
  • Sash assembly device with  an additional frame on the platform