In Action.


The Ruchser sash – assembly - centre allows a rationale . manufacture on economic principles.

Important advantages:

  • Add-on-system, according to your needs and requirements the sash-assembly-table gets composed
  • Easy operation even for untrained workers

Equipment and Accessorys:

  • Manual or pneumatic adjustment of the table declination
  • Working platform covered with felt or plastic, eases the turning and sliding of sashes
  • Pneumatic slew able backing-device  and pneumatic clamping fixture for  the correct position of the sash on the working platform
  • Scanning  device for  the  fitting length, for constant, variable and for central gear fit
  • colour code which makes it easier to find the correct fitting in the rack
  • Hardware punching unit for  effective shortening of fittings
  • Variety of different screw units
  • Flexibility through several mechanical stop systems. Those allow a fast setting up of different screw-levels and screwing depths while working with different types of window systems
  • Handle bore-drilling-equipment for wood and PVC
  • Centring device for the olive-bore for  Centre gear fit
  • Box staple milling unit
  • Drilling unit for the bore of the Rotary-band
  • Drilling unit for corner hinge in one-, two-  or three spindleball construction
  • Glazing -ledges saw